What’s new in Viewport 4.2

Viewport 4.2 is released with a number of improvements for both end users as well as administrators. This update highlights the most interesting changes for end users.

Dashboard improvements

The following screenshot shows dashboard enhancements, like the list of connected systems that your Viewport combines into a single asset view. In the example below SAP, Maximo and some fileshares are connected to Viewport.

Viewport dashboard

Viewer enhancements

We have added some more flexibility in the main viewer screen and the capability of showing realtime information as on overlay on top of any document that contains tags. In the screenshot below an example of an integration with Osisoft PI, made available by our partner Raster Industrial Automation.

Enhanced searching

Viewport now offers more search filters, such as filtering on the document version as recorded in the source system (e.g. OpenText xECM, SharePoint, Meridian,..).

Feedback improvement

As soons as Viewport becomes the primary viewing interface for asset documents and documents become more valuable, Viewport offers the possibility to report any error in a document no matter where it’s stored or what file type it is. Suppose a document is part of SAP PM, any reported issue is automatically sent to the right person. New in this version is that the feedback form now shows to whom the reported issue is actually sent.

Viewport feedback form

Please contact your reseller for more information on Viewport 4.2 and how to upgrade your version.