Enhance your OpenText xECM
Searching and Viewing Capabilities

Viewport for OpenText™

Enhance your OpenText™ xECM™ Searching and Viewing Capabilities

With the new Viewport for OpenText, managing your technical asset data in OpenText xECM just became a lot simpler.

The days of manually dragging and dropping documents into the right equipment or functional location are over. By letting Viewport search for the right information, the documents show up in the workspace automatically.

Additionally, the Viewport for OpenText integration brings the power of the Viewport viewer to the OpenText Smart View environment. You can view files from the integrated Viewport tab, and even navigate from one file to the other, all without leaving the page. Navigating from a file to an equipment or functional location workspace is a matter of clicking on a hotspot that Viewport generates for you.

Leverage the power of Viewport to deal with unstructured or disorganized information and simplify managing and viewing your technical asset data today. Contact us for a demonstration.

  • Works with disorganized, unstructured and scanned data
  • Integrates seamlessly with OpenText xECM
  • Add sophisticated technical searching and viewing capabilities

  • Automatic hotspotting based on AI
  • Navigate between various data types without leaving the page

AI Powered to Work with Data of Any Quality

Let Viewport do all the heavy processing for you, saving you valuable time. Using AI algorithms, it detects shapes, document numbers, tag numbers, etc. automatically, even in scanned documents. This powers the automatic hotspots and also is able to detect missing data.


  • No more navigating between documents and data or searching within large documents for the right information
  • Always shows the latest information
  • Identifies tag-doc relationships regardless of source system, spelling and format, even from legacy systems and scanned documents and drawings
  • Continually improves the overall quality of operation-critical information in a cost efficient manner
  • Identifies incorrect or missing information


  • Fully web-based, no browser plugins required
  • Viewer with fully automated clickable hotspots to equipment information, drawings and documents
  • Support for 140+ file formats, including AutoCAD and MicroStation
  • Connects to historians using the Raster Industrial Automation Historian plugin. Watch historic trends and current values from OSIsoft PI, Wonderware Historian, etc. right inside OpenText xECM
  • Intelligent algorithms extract information from scanned documents and drawings
  • Recognition of tag numbers, line numbers, drawing numbers and document numbers based on flexible patterns
  • Supports multiple tag / document / drawing numbering schemes, even within a single asset
  • Stable and battle-tested in various industries.

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