Providing access to the latest operational asset information in remote locations

Mark van ‘t Zet, CEO of Radial SG: “Industries that make use of our Viewport solution do not always have good network connectivity from their data centers to all of their assets. For instance, personnel working on marine assets – drilling rigs, ships, production platforms – frequently need to access data from the cloud or from onshore offices. Without a decent network connection, they are faced with unacceptable download times and often resort to using outdated, cached copies. I am very excited to announce that Viewport 5.0 now has remote location support. Our novel, granular update mechanism will be a game changer for everyone that needs to work with up-to-date, trustworthy technical data offshore or in remote locations.”

How it works

A Viewport Server running onshore is connected to the data sources that contain important asset information, such as SharePoint, OpenText, Documentum, SAP PM, Meridian, Ultimo, Maximo, etc. On the remote assets, additional remote Viewport instances are configured and fed with relevant data from the onshore instance.

“What makes Viewport’s Remote Location Support unique, is that we have taken optimization to the extreme”

Viewport processes the changes from any of the connected source systems – new, updated or deleted – and identifies whether they are relevant for a particular asset. Only relevant changes are compressed into encrypted packages and queued for remote processing. These updates are typically around  5 to 50 MB per day. The remote Viewport instance picks up the compressed job files and import them, ensuring all documents and data are kept in sync.

Take the critical part of your DMS content offshore

If you have ever wanted all of your technical data from your document management system or maintenance system available offshore, Viewport 5.0 offers a unique solution.

Contact Radial SG today and see how our Remote Location support can benefit your organization.