Only 10% of asset documentation in Vault

Typically engineering departments use Autodesk Vault to store and share their work. But there are tons of asset related documents out there. How do you keep track of all these documents? How do you know if the latest version of an operating manual, safety regulation, license or procedure is stored in your DMS or on a fileshare?

What if there is a solution that lists any document for a tag or piece of equipment without the need for searching? Viewport knows everything there is to know about your assets.

Viewport crawls your content stores, understands tags and equipment and adds read-only hotspots to any document it finds. This way Viewport offers a simple and fast user experience for engineers, document controllers, maintenance crew and anyone who needs information on assets quickly!

Asset dashboard – stop wasting time searching for the right information

Viewport acts as a single point of truth – an asset dashboard, easily accessible to anyone. No matter what device you use, like for instance your tablet.

Viewport shows you all there is to know about an asset, displaying documents in many different file formats, like AutoCAD, Office, or PDF. Search for equipment or a tag and the AI powered search will instantly show you all related documents and tag information. Not only that, Viewport can also show you if any documents are missing.

Benefits of Viewport for operator / owners:

  • Everyone can access the latest versions of documents that are related to an asset or piece of equipment
  • This will lead to less email and less duplication of asset documents, less errors and less discussions
  • Viewport helps you to work more efficiently, you spend less time on document housekeeping, such as manually linking / cross referencing documents
  • Viewport automatically links document metadata found in other systems to Vault, such as information stored in your maintenance system
  • Viewport offers an easy and cost effective interface for people working outside the engineering department to quickly view drawings – no need for extra Vault licenses
  • Viewport is a zero footprint application, allowing for anyone to access CAD drawings, point clouds and so on on their favorite device

Vault users can access Viewport without leaving Vault

As soon as you publish a document within Vault, it becomes available for Viewport users, so they can view it on their mobile phone, tablet or PC. When viewing a document, it shows all referenced items at the same time. References are automatically applied by Viewport’s automatic tag recognition. There’s no need to manually add this metadata to any asset document.

How does it work?

  • Install the plugin and Vault users automatically share published content with any authorised user.
  • Viewport puts an end to document housekeeping and always shows the latest documents.
  • Viewport reads and finds tags in any type of file and links equipment and files automatically – it’s magic!

Want to learn more?

  • Visit our partner’s website Cadac
  • or simply give us a call!