Speed up your QA processes

Changes to assets need to be reflected in your as-built documentation. But which documents are affected by a change?

OpenText Content Server offers functionality to cross reference documents and initiate change workflows to control work in progress. This cross referencing is mostly a manual process and stops at the document level, causing inefficiencies and incomplete updates of your as-built documentation.

By integrating OpenText Content Server with Viewport, the QA process is sped up by automatic creation of cross-references. Viewport continuously monitors the content of your documents and drawings, cross referencing it against various data sources including maintenance systems. Viewport can pinpoint the exact location where document numbers and tag numbers are mentioned inside a document or drawing. The cross-references are easy to inspect and validate due to Viewport’s unique document viewer that can highlight tags and drawing references with a single click.

Powered by Viewport, your QA and QC staff can immediately identify all content affected by a change. There’s no need anymore to manually cross reference items, saving precious time and money.

Share important technical data, while safeguarding your data

During maintenance, a lot of people need access to technical asset documentation. How do you inform your maintenance crew — a significant part of which usually is temporary staff — without handing over editable source documentation, such as Excel and DWG files, and without requiring everyone having access to your OpenText environment and other source systems?

Viewport converts any source file to PDF files, making it easy to distribute. The built-in viewer allows personnel and contractors to view any type of document from any of the connected systems, in a web browser on a laptop or mobile device. Authorize your maintenance crew to these smart and hyperlinked documents stored in Content Server while preventing them from downloading source documents.

Viewport adds the following features to OpenText Content Server:

  • Automatic generation of cross-references and hotspots, as if manually applied!
  • Turns Content Server into a 360° asset dashboard that shows content from any source, including (temporary) file shares, SharePoint, maintenance systems such as Ultimo or Maximo, etc.
  • Automatic extraction of metadata from any content item, such as DWG’s, Office documents and (scanned) P&ID’s
  • Easily highlights tags and other keywords in the document, eliminating the need to do a painstaking search for items of interest once you have located a document.
  • Fully customizable viewer that allows e.g. color coding, glossary terms, etc.