Offer your Office365 users a complete overview of all of your asset information without searching

“As built” documentation can be stored anywhere in Office365 according to any structure your organisation has configured.

However, Viewport will never miss any file and automatically shows you a tag and/or equipment based search structure. Any document you open inside Viewport will again show a layer of hyperlinks that helps you navigate to the next document that is relevant for your work.

Typically SharePoint or Office365 is used to share and collaborate on asset related files. By installing the Viewport Office365 Connector, Viewport can index any type of document stored in Office365 and automatically add hyperlinked tag relations.

Viewport adds the following features to Office365:

  • turns Office365 into an asset dashboard showing content outside of Office365 as well, such as temporary file shares or maintenance systems such as Ultimo or Maximo
  • automatic extraction of metadata from any content item, such as DWG’s, Office documents and P&ID’s
  • automatic generation of cross references between items as if manually applied
  • highlights tags in the document
  • adds hyperlinks to tags that enable you to quickly view asset information and all related documents that mention this tag or asset

Once found, edit the original document in its original location

Suppose you want to edit one of the documents you’re viewing – Viewport will then guide you to the source system so, when authorised, you can edit your file in its original location.

The screenshot shows a scanned image of a P&ID document stored in Office365. Viewport displays a hyperlink layer with colors indicating whether or not a valid tag has been found and is linked to equipment and/or other documents.

Want to learn more?

  • Download the datasheet for Office365 – coming soon
  • or simply give us a call!

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