The Viewport Connector for Office 365 gets the right information to operations — fast

SharePoint Online or Office 365 is used to share and collaborate on asset related documents. By installing the Viewport Connector for Office 365, documents are indexed and linked to tags automatically. This allows end users to quickly locate any asset-related file without having to search!

Viewport can automatically grab the latest “as built” documentation from Office 365 based on rules, and publish it in a desired structure, regardless of the structure your organisation has configured.

Years of experience with technical documentation has perfected the automatic tag-document cross referencing. Viewport automatically finds documents, regardless of the format, quality, scan, or location. Once the right document is located, users will not have to search for tags in complex drawings or long documents since these are highlighted for you.

By combining connectors for various source systems, your operations portal can be created to navigate between your asset data, tags, documents, and drawings, with a couple of clicks.

  • Turns Office 365 into an operations portal, with the possibility to combine content outside of Office 365 such as temporary file shares or maintenance systems such as Ultimo or Maximo
  • Automatically extracts metadata from any content item, such as CAD files, Office documents, TIFFs and PDFs
  • Automatically generates clickable links if cross references are found between items
  • Highlights tags in documents and complex drawings
  • Adds customizable popups to quickly view asset information and related documentation

View any type of document from Office 365 with automated hotspotting and cross references

The screenshot shows a scanned image of a P&ID document stored in Office 365. Viewport displays a hotspot layer with colors indicating whether or not a valid tag has been found and whether it is linked to equipment and/or other documents.

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