Providing access to the latest operational asset information in remote locations

Mark van ‘t Zet, CEO of Radial SG: “Industries that make use of our Viewport solution do not always have good network connectivity from their data centers to all of their assets. For instance, personnel working on marine assets – drilling rigs, ships, production platforms – frequently need to access data from the cloud or from onshore offices. Without a decent network connection, they are faced with unacceptable download times and often resort to using outdated, cached copies. I am very excited to announce that Viewport 5.0 now has remote location support. Our novel, granular update mechanism will be a game changer for everyone that needs to work with up-to-date, trustworthy technical data offshore or in remote locations.”

How it works

A Viewport Server running onshore is connected to the data sources that contain important asset information, such as SharePoint, OpenText, Documentum, SAP PM, Meridian, Ultimo, Maximo, etc. On the remote assets, additional remote Viewport instances are configured and fed with relevant data from the onshore instance.

“What makes Viewport’s Remote Location Support unique, is that we have taken optimization to the extreme”

Viewport processes the changes from any of the connected source systems – new, updated or deleted – and identifies whether they are relevant for a particular asset. Only relevant changes are compressed into encrypted packages and queued for remote processing. These updates are typically around  5 to 50 MB per day. The remote Viewport instance picks up the compressed job files and import them, ensuring all documents and data are kept in sync.

Take the critical part of your DMS content offshore

If you have ever wanted all of your technical data from your document management system or maintenance system available offshore, Viewport 5.0 offers a unique solution.

Contact Radial SG today and see how our Remote Location support can benefit your organization.

Top 3 Challenges in Maintenance Management

Recently Ultimo, a leading software provider for maintenance and asset management, has released a trend report highlighting the top 3 challenges for the maintenance manager.  As the report shows, one of the bigger challenges is to manage knowledge within the maintenance team (“Kennis borgen binnen de Technische Dienst”). In more than 50% of the cases, as soon as a maintenance engineer leaves the company, on average more than 10 years of experience walks out the door. You can download the free e-book here.

Why do you need to manage technical knowledge?

As soon as people leave your maintenance team, you need to rely on the documents and information they have left behind. This data can be in many formats and can reside in any system or network location you are using inside your company. You need to make this information available in such a way that even external service engineers, assisting your maintenance team, are up-to-speed quickly to do their work.

Quickly finding what you need: Smart P&ID’s

Across the industry, so-called Process and Instrumentation Diagrams (P&ID’s) look the same and can help service engineers, without any experience with the plant they are working on, to quickly understand the process and decide what needs to be done.

How much time would it save your engineers if they can open up an existing P&ID (for example in PDF format) and simply click on equipment to know everything about it? To call up the most recent certification, working instructions and maintenance history, without the need to login into the maintenance system or any other system that hosts the asset information?

Viewport can realize this vision and make your P&ID’s smart!

Viewport automatically adds a smart clickable layer, making your P&IDs smart.

Viewport will help you navigate from your P&ID’s, loop diagrams, procedures, manuals and other documentation, to relevant functional locations and equipment data, including real-time data from OSIsoft PI or Aspentech. Support for point clouds and 3D pictures, also on mobile devices, ensures your existing assets — and your maintenance manager — will be ready for the future.

Combining the power of Viewport and Ultimo CMMS

Our customers, some of which are running Ultimo CMMS, are using Viewport to quickly find everything the maintenance team needs without the need to search for it. Sounds too good to be true? Have a look at the short video below or book a 15 minute demo, and find out why our customers running Ultimo CMMS are so enthusiastic about Viewport.



Automatic tag scraping from P&IDs

Paper P&ID’s are still widely in use to support the operation and maintenance of plants around the world. Owner/operators are in a transition from paper-based asset information to a digital system that helps them find the right documentation faster and cut operational and maintenance costs. How can you get rid of paper P&ID’s in an automated and secure way?

Suppose you maintain a plant for which thousands of P&ID’s have to be digitized in such a way that you want to capture all tags and equipment data. How can you automate this process, scrape all the tags from each P&ID and import these into an Excel sheet or CSV format? This can form the basis to quickly get, for instance, OSIsoft PI Asset Framework up and running.

Using Viewport to automatically scrape tags from all your P&ID’s

The screenshot below is taken from an actual P&ID opened in Viewport. Using advanced techniques, Viewport “understands” what a P&ID is, even if it is a scanned document (TIFF) or PDF format, and can recognize shapes, equipment and tag numbers. With a single click you can highlight and export all found tags to an Excel sheet.

Viewport understands human tag numbering

There’s a lot of software out there for pattern recognition, but out-of-the-box Viewport understands that tags are different. Sometimes tags are not written according to official rules, parts are left out, a range of tags is mentioned or a tag number is cut off for some reason, as you can see below. These are real-life examples that break other tag scraping solutions.

Viewport works today to support your digital transformation

All of our customers are in the middle of a digital transformation: moving towards a completely digital 3D environment that contains or links to all relevant asset information. Achieving this goal can take years, while safety and operational excellence always require attention. By using Viewport as an asset information dashboard, no matter how mature your asset information management is, it can help you reach your goals with minimal effort.

Want to do a test drive with your own P&ID’s?

Contact us to see if we can help you with your P&ID challenges and tell you more about how Viewport can support the digital transformation in your organization.

Radial SG collaborates with v-Labs in visualizing asset data within 3D models.

This unique collaboration enables integration of 3D models with local and cloud-based asset data in a mobile-ready environment.V-Labs 3D model integration

March 1, 2017, Geneva, Switzerland. Radial SG, a leading provider of information and collaboration solutions for complex process environments, today announces a collaboration with v-Labs, a company specialized in data visualization through 3D-streaming, augmented and mixed reality solutions. This will allow Radial SG to project data onto 3D-models and bring this data to the field through Augmented and Mixed Reality, helping clients to further increase the efficiency of their operational processes.

The Radial SG Viewport engine uses machine learning to turn big data into usable information. It integrates static and real-time data from multiple source systems and presents this information in an understandable, easy-to-use and concise interface. By detecting and linking equipment tags and other types of references automatically, Viewport allows users to easily navigate through the available data, and at the same time, highlights any consistency issues and constantly improves data quality. This technology enables v-Labs to provide smart 3D-data solutions for engineers working in the field.

“We are excited to announce this collaboration between v-Labs and Radial SG”, comments Mark van ’t Zet, CEO of Radial SG. “Our Viewport solution simplifies the complex challenges of integrating diverse engineering information systems and consolidating multiple data sources. This seamlessly fits with the 3D-data visualization solutions developed by v-Labs, and allows our clients to view their data projected on 3D-models in a mobile-ready, HTML 5 environment. Due to the unique ‘rendering as a service’ provided by v-Labs, there is no need for extensive network capacity or thick clients.”

Diemer Cohen Stuart, CEO of v-Labs, notes, “The collaboration with Radial SG allows us to combine two increasingly interesting worlds: big data and 3D-visualisation. We believe that the solutions we develop with Radial SG can greatly improve the efficiency of operational processes of our customers. Radial SG is an exceptional company to work with and we look forward to further strengthening our partnership”.

About Radial SG
Radial SG is a leading developer of innovative software solutions for retrieving and publishing data from multiple sources. By working with existing information systems rather than replacing them, Radial SG’s user-friendly solutions cut costs without the need to invest heavily in new technology or training. Radial SG’s Viewport application is able to analyze multiple data sources regardless of format or location. Using machine learning and smart shape and text recognition, Viewport automatically detects cross-references and transforms these into dynamic links. Viewport ensures that everyone has instant access to correct, up-to-date and reliable information, enhancing interoperability and delivering ‘Information Excellence’ for the entire organization.
To learn more, go to or contact Radial SG at:

About v-Labs
Based in Geneva, Switzerland, v-Labs Sàrl develops high quality virtual, augmented and mixed reality solutions for real estate and industrial applications. v-Labs develops 3D data visualization tools to help customers bring their data to engineers in the field and improve the efficiency of their operational processes. By working closely with clients, v-Labs develops solutions that are perfectly tailored to the clients’ needs. Mixed reality will have a game changing impact on practically every industry, and v-Labs is proud to be at the forefront of this revolution.
To learn more, go to or contact v-Labs at: