Automatic tag scraping from P&IDs

Paper P&ID’s are still widely in use to support the operation and maintenance of plants around the world. Owner/operators are in a transition from paper-based asset information to a digital system that helps them find the right documentation faster and cut operational and maintenance costs. How can you get rid of paper P&ID’s in an automated and secure way?

Suppose you maintain a plant for which thousands of P&ID’s have to be digitized in such a way that you want to capture all tags and equipment data. How can you automate this process, scrape all the tags from each P&ID and import these into an Excel sheet or CSV format? This can form the basis to quickly get, for instance, OSIsoft PI Asset Framework up and running.

Using Viewport to automatically scrape tags from all your P&ID’s

The screenshot below is taken from an actual P&ID opened in Viewport. Using advanced techniques, Viewport “understands” what a P&ID is, even if it is a scanned document (TIFF) or PDF format, and can recognize shapes, equipment and tag numbers. With a single click you can highlight and export all found tags to an Excel sheet.

Viewport understands human tag numbering

There’s a lot of software out there for pattern recognition, but out-of-the-box Viewport understands that tags are different. Sometimes tags are not written according to official rules, parts are left out, a range of tags is mentioned or a tag number is cut off for some reason, as you can see below. These are real-life examples that break other tag scraping solutions.

Viewport works today to support your digital transformation

All of our customers are in the middle of a digital transformation: moving towards a completely digital 3D environment that contains or links to all relevant asset information. Achieving this goal can take years, while safety and operational excellence always require attention. By using Viewport as an asset information dashboard, no matter how mature your asset information management is, it can help you reach your goals with minimal effort.

Want to do a test drive with your own P&ID’s?

Contact us to see if we can help you with your P&ID challenges and tell you more about how Viewport can support the digital transformation in your organization.