Typically engineering departments use Autodesk Vault to store and share their work. But asset related documents are used and enhanced everywhere in your company.

Radial offers a tight integration with Autodesk Vault, enabling anyone to find and view any asset related document, like operating manuals, safety regulations, licenses and procedures.

Asset dashboard

Viewport acts as an asset dashboard, easily accessible to anyone no matter what device you have, even on a mobile phone. It shows you all there is to know about an asset, displaying AutoCAD, Office, PDF files and so on. Search for equipment or a tag and the fuzzy search will instantly show you what’s there and what’s missing!

Vault users can access Viewport without leaving Vault

As soon as you publish a document within Vault, it becomes available for Viewport users, so they can view it on their mobile, tablet or laptop. When viewing a document, it shows all referenced items at the same time. References are automatically applied by Viewport’s automatic tag recognition. There’s no need to manually add this metadata to any asset document.

How does it work?

  • Install the plugin and Vault users automatically share published content with any authorised user.
  • Viewport puts an end to document housekeeping and always shows the latest documents.
  • Viewport reads and finds tags in any type of file and links equipment and files automatically – it’s magic!

Want to learn more?

  • Download the datasheet for Autodesk Vault
  • Book a demo here
  • or simply give us a call!