No Need to Replace Existing Systems

Viewport can be deployed gradually adding one information source at a time to assure the integrity of the data or information, complimenting but not replacing existing DMS, MMS or other asset information systems.

Viewport is a logical and innovative solution to the challenge that Plant Operations Managers encounter all too often: personnel lost in a multitude of software tools and applications, trying to locate the right information, sometimes frustrated to the point that they place more trust in their ‘secret’ copies on their local hard drives.

Add Value to Your Existing Applications

Viewport automatically extracts information from multiple sources, regardless of location or format.

By utilising machine intelligence including pattern, shape and character recognition, even scanned documents and drawings can be indexed.

Viewport also searches documents for references to other documents and data, and visualizes these references in a unique, fully integrated manner. Viewport’s Vertex Engine ‘intelligence’ has been designed to find tag and document numbers even if they are not spelt or numbered correctly.

Viewport can extract data from a wide variety of source files (such as Microsoft® Office® files, AutoCAD® DWG, MicroStation® DGN, Adobe® PDF, 100+ image formats) and a variety of source systems (ERP systems, maintenance management systems, document management systems, etc.).